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Loro Parque

I’ve decided it’s time to share the one and only encounter I’ve had with their good-for-nothing staff. 2 years ago when Morgan was fairly new to their facility and having a terrible time, I confronted their CEOs and to my surprise, I got a response. We bickered back and forth for a while until eventually, they ran out of answers for me.

I’ll insert a ‘read more’ break then I’m pasting every last email exchange. 

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pinkcloudturnedtogrey: Gonna ask your own question back: your top 5 orcas :)

I’m going to completely cheat and do top 5 females and top 5 males because I can’t just choose 5, it’s too hard!!

1. Havannah
2. Corky II
3. Morgan
4. Lolita
5. Granny

1. Surf
2. Orky II
3. Keiko
4. Tilikum
5. Luna 

Sjihbfieshbfkjafs I just went to my local cinema and 

Me: How did Blackfish do?

Cashier: It didn’t do too badly actually. About 30 people came. What did you think of it?

Me: I thought it was very informative.

Cashier: It shouldn’t happen.

Me: Sorry?

Cashier: SeaWorld, it shouldn’t exist. Why do people bother going?

Mum: It’s not just SeaWorld though. Miami Seaquarium is even worse.

Cashier: There’s just no protection for them, it’s disgusting. Who thought it would be a good idea to lock these animals away?

Me: Did you hear about the Russian orcas?

Cashier: No, what happened?

Me: 7 have been caught this year alone.

Cashier: Horrible. It’s horrible stuff. I’ve been non stop on my twitter promoting Blackfish.

Me: *Surprised* You have?

Cashier: Oh yes! Lots. I’ve been posting so many tweets to try to encourage people to boycott killer whale captivity. We have to spread this word as much as possible

Me: Wow. 

If a small town like mine can start hearing this message, anywhere can. 

Change is coming.