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Back story: Wild Earth Foundation sent an email to a friend of mine with a huge list of excuses as to why an orca who is suffering greatly should not be released. Their excuses were odd and some rather unjustified but as they are a respected charity, I thought I may as well confront them. This is what I have done above and these are the responses I have received. 

I’m furious.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Loro Parque

I’ve decided it’s time to share the one and only encounter I’ve had with their good-for-nothing staff. 2 years ago when Morgan was fairly new to their facility and having a terrible time, I confronted their CEOs and to my surprise, I got a response. We bickered back and forth for a while until eventually, they ran out of answers for me.

I’ll insert a ‘read more’ break then I’m pasting every last email exchange. 

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

pinkcloudturnedtogrey asked: Gonna ask your own question back: your top 5 orcas :)

I’m going to completely cheat and do top 5 females and top 5 males because I can’t just choose 5, it’s too hard!!

1. Havannah
2. Corky II
3. Morgan
4. Lolita
5. Granny

1. Surf
2. Orky II
3. Keiko
4. Tilikum
5. Luna 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sjihbfieshbfkjafs I just went to my local cinema and 

Me: How did Blackfish do?

Cashier: It didn’t do too badly actually. About 30 people came. What did you think of it?

Me: I thought it was very informative.

Cashier: It shouldn’t happen.

Me: Sorry?

Cashier: SeaWorld, it shouldn’t exist. Why do people bother going?

Mum: It’s not just SeaWorld though. Miami Seaquarium is even worse.

Cashier: There’s just no protection for them, it’s disgusting. Who thought it would be a good idea to lock these animals away?

Me: Did you hear about the Russian orcas?

Cashier: No, what happened?

Me: 7 have been caught this year alone.

Cashier: Horrible. It’s horrible stuff. I’ve been non stop on my twitter promoting Blackfish.

Me: *Surprised* You have?

Cashier: Oh yes! Lots. I’ve been posting so many tweets to try to encourage people to boycott killer whale captivity. We have to spread this word as much as possible

Me: Wow. 

If a small town like mine can start hearing this message, anywhere can. 

Change is coming.

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