Thursday, May 31, 2012

This version of Besaid is 10000000000x prettier, to be honest though, that song just makes me smile so hard, I love it!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh how I love chats with @CalumDHenderson!

  • Me: So my first idea was writing about James and Mary going to Silent Hill.
  • Calum: And what? Write about how they watched boats all day?
  • Me: Well... no... They could... they could go to Happy Burger!
  • Calum: HAPPY BURGER?! You think Mary and James would go to the cheap shitty equivalent of McDonalds?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: And then my next idea was writing about Laura and James 4 years after the 'Leave' ending.
  • Calum: If you want that to get anywhere, you're going to have to do LOTS of research or else the whole fandom will come after you.
  • Me: ... My Final Fantasy ideas were good though! The first was maybe writing about Yuna growing up with Lulu and co. I know it would take lots of research but I think it could work. Did Sin kill her mum?
  • Calum: What a weird question! How do you expect anyone to know that?! No one asks any of these things, they're probably mentioned once ever!
  • Me: I thought it would awesome to write about her life during The Eternal Calm period! And that'd be fairly easy.
  • Calum: But... all she did for 2 years was teach herself how to breathe! Are you going to document that?
  • Me: AND Lulu got pregnant.
  • Calum: Yes, but this is explained in the video version... unless you're planning on writing a pornographic novel on Lulu and Wakka.
  • Me: Yes... yes I am.
  • Calum: ....
  • Me: ...
  • Calum: ...
  • Me: ...
Sunday, May 6, 2012

forgivablefoundations asked: Your three favorite characters from any games?

1. Miss lady Yuna- Basically, Yuna represents everything I want to be. She’s selfless to a fault, I mean the woman was willing to marry frickin’ Seymour just to please everyone else. She’s thoughtful, the way that rather than considering the fact that she’ll probably die on her journey, she brings gifts for all the temples. She’s caring and constantly asking how everyone else is doing, again selflessly putting everyone before her. She’s kind, so incredibly kind. And of course, she’s loyal. She damn well knows Tidus could be lying to her, but she believes him from day 1 about Zanarkand, not because she wants to embarrass him by humouring him, but because she trusts him and can only seem to see the good in everyone surrounding her. Not only that, but she learns and grows as her pilgrimage goes on. She wises up. And as she loses the love of her life right before her eyes, she changes but I’d say for the better. She’s still softly spoken, quiet, loyal and gentle in X-2, but something has changed inside her. Her determination has overruled everything else. In ‘The Eternal Calm’ she makes the first selfish decision that she’s made in her whole 19 years of life, and she decides she will in fact become a sphere hunter. What I love as well, is her reaction in each ending. In the sad ending, that disturbingly devastating ending where she can feel Tidus’s soul all around her in the Farplane, she cries it out and expresses her love for him but does not let this grief consume her. In the normal ending, despite not actually finding Tidus at all, she STILL has hopes that one day she will. In her heart, she truly believes it and that’s why I never feel sad when I receive that ending because I believe it too. Then, in the last two, she lets go. She throws her arms around Tidus, and the first thing he notices is that she’s changed. The two moments that I really loved and admired were both during cheesy speeches as it happened. The first during X, of course the end speech. And then, in X-2… everyone is restless, wanting to give up, lost of hope, and she gears them up… but it’s in such an inspiring way. I always sit there sobbing the whole time. To summarise, Yuna, to me, is essentially a perfect human being. Her only faults are loving too much, being too loyal and letting people walk over her (in X at least). You couldn’t wish for a more loveable character if you tried. (Is it lame that I’ve got tears in my eyes right now?)

2. Claire ‘Lightning’ Farron- (Oh boy, prepare for another essay.) Right, where to start… When I first got into XIII, Lightning was instantly my favourite (just like Yuna.) I took to her so quickly, assuming she’d be another ‘Lulu’ type of character. However, my love for her ended up going so much deeper than I imagined. I actually heavily relate to Lightning for so many reasons. When I read the FFXIII-Zero stories (which I’ll try not to post too much about incase some people haven’t read them) it truly confirmed everything I’d ever assumed about Lightning was correct. Every angry, bitter word that’s uttered from her lips is purely hurt. Frustration. Pent up years of despair of not knowing what the fuck to do about it. Serah was okay, she had Lightning and Snow to fall back on her whole life. Lightning had no one. Not a single person. Lightning was 15 when her mother died. 15 years old. Not only that, but she was in the room when it happened. And as she watched her mother, her only role model and guide in life, slip away from her world, it was then and there that Lightning built that wall inside her heart and soul that would disable her from letting out any sort of negative feeling. She knew in those final moments with her mother that the second her mum was pronounced dead, it was going to be Lightning left to fully support Serah physically, emotionally, financially and in every possible way. The sympathy I have for Lightning is endless. She’s dealt with more hardship in her life than anyone should ever have to experience and it’s not fair that she had that on her plate. When Serah becomes crystallised, saving her becomes her only purpose to life. She couldn’t care less about what happens to her in the process, and I KNOW she’d have given up everything for Serah in a heart beat. The moment she gives Serah and Snow her blessing (which doesn’t actually exist anymore as things stand with shitty XIII-2), was a HUGE moment for me. Something else you discover as you read more of XIII-Zero is that she doesn’t hate Snow. Far from it. She actually really admires him. But she is terrified. Terrified of losing the one thing keeping her on the earth. Terrified that Snow will hurt someone who is essentially her daughter. She only wants what’s best for Serah, and challenging Snow so frequently is the only way to go about it. In conclusion, Lightning is someone I love, admire and relate to. I admire her ability to be strong all the time, her determination and her heartfelt gestures. I only wish that some wonderful character would go and take care of her, and take some of the stress away. Not to the point where Lightning relied on them as I know that would bother her, but just enough that she could rest easy at night. Oh well, none of this really matters anymore since XIII-2 killed Serah and crystallised Lightning anyway. *sigh*

3. James Sunderland- Okay so I love James because- he made a mistake… a really fucking huge mistake, because he’s a human being, and humans aren’t perfect. Then, he had a very standard reaction to the consequences of this mistake, and went into such a large form of denial that I’d actually say became borderline amnesia. He went to Silent Hill in hopes of piecing together what’s been so deeply buried in his soul that he can no longer reach it. And unfortunately for him, he ended up in a town where your deepest fears, worries and regrets manifest themselves into physical beings. James goes through one hell of a journey, meeting people along the way. It always amazes me how incredibly kind he is to Angela, so patient and  caring. Never once does he patronise her, he always humours her despite knowing that she’s pretty far gone in the head too. Then, there’s Eddie. Eddie confesses that he killed a guy and yes James gets angry about it but only because he wishes Eddie would seek the help he so desperately needs. Soon comes Laura, an immature yet lost little girl who sees the world as one big game, and definitely does her fair share to irritate James about it. And even through all the stress of his own demons (literally!) he finds the time of day for Laura, not just because she knows Mary but because he knows in his heart, it’s the rightful thing to do. Finally, there’s Maria. It’s the way he responds to Maria that amazes me the most. Maria is essentially Mary in a way that Mary never could be. She’s young, sexy and above all else healthy (at the start at least), and more importantly, on so many occasions she offers herself to him yet he politely rejects her offer each time. As much as he must be dying to just give in to what he’s longed for all along, he knows where his loyalties lie and I have nothing but respect for him. He pieces the puzzle together and at last realises his mistake. Then he straight up battles his inner demons one on one. I beam with pride for James in the final two moments as he manages to conquer what he set out to do. In short, (bit late for that) James has every quality you’d want in a perfect man really. He’s selfless (too selfless really), he’s kind, very patient and extremely loyal. Talk about growth too, James is a whole new character when he leaves Silent Hill (depending on the ending) and I really truly admire and love James.

Friday, May 4, 2012
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