Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Insight Into My Mind

Since going vegan, I’ve received more discrimination than I’ve ever received in my life. I’ve been accused of joining a cult. I’ve been called arrogant and a bigot. I’ve been called a moron and dramatic. I’ve been told I’m too extreme and that I’m just being immature. But what a lot of people don’t realise is how hard it is to see such a different world to the majority of people out there. Even just walking down the street and doing every day things, the world is a dark and different place for me. I’d like to share with you just a portion of what that looks like. Advance warning: There are graphic pictures coming up.

This is what you see:
2 adorable puppies in a pet shop window.

But this is what I see:
Multiple mothers grieving for their children, crammed into conditions so dire they are slowly going insane.

This is what you see:image
A delicious Sunday roast chicken.

But this is what I see:
An intelligent and loving being who, just like you and I, wanted nothing more than to live.

This is what you see:
An expensive pair of designer leather trousers.

But this is what I see:
A young boy struggles for his life after having his tail snapped in half and chilli peppers rubbed in his eyes. His throat has been slit but he’s still very much alive as his skin is removed.

This is what you see:
Majestic shamu jumping for joy.

But this is what I see:
An unfathomably intelligent being watching on as they’re ripped away from their family and their home.

This is what you see:
An array of glamorous lip glosses in a variety of colours.

But this is what I see:
A being drenched in their own blood and feces, now blinded from testing an array of ‘glamorous’ lip glosses.

If you’ve read this far, I hope you can understand why I made the decision to go vegan in the first place. I haven’t joined a cult. I’m not arrogant. I’m not a bigot. I’m not a moron. I’m not being dramatic. I’m not an extremist. And I’m not immature.

I chose to go vegan because I don’t want to sit here and preach my love of animals whilst condoning all of the above.

If you too didn’t like a glimpse into my world, here are 5 simple ways you can help:
1. Rescue from a trusted no kill shelter, do not buy from a pet shop or breeder.

2. Adopt a compassionate diet by cutting out or reducing your meat and dairy consumption.

3. Go faux! Faux fur, leather, suede and wool are all extremely accesible.

4. Boycott zoos and circuses, instead visiting sanctuaries and non profit animal facilities.

And lastly 5. Boycott all animal tested toiletries and cosmetics instead choosing only natural cruelty free products.

Thank you for your compassion if you’ve chosen not to ignore this.


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