Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas of all time?

I really fancy scaring myself into oblivion. I don’t want to read anything stupid though. I want pure Fridge Horror.

To give you an idea of ones that have really scared/stayed with me so far, Normal Porn For Normal People probably frightened me the most as I hate things that seem normal but really aren’t. I used to love The Squidward Suicide but in hindsight, it’s not as believable as the naive girl inside me once thought. I found The Tulpa really disturbing actually. Things like that. Hint: I tend to find ‘disturbing’ things much more horrific than just creepy stories.

So tell me, what are your top 10 scariest and why?


  1. skylines--and--turnstiles answered: hmm.. the rake was pretty scary and so was smiledog
  2. xbeautiful-little-foolx answered: My all time faves are Candle Cove and Happy Appy
  3. jamiekinn answered: Dwain’s Circle is my favorite and anything by Josef K. is stellar. Check out my blog as well! I post original stories every Thursday. :D
  4. frickity-dickity answered: None of them really scared me except for Cry Baby Lane and Knocks on the Window…
  5. suchabeautifuldream answered: I can’t make a list right now, but my ultimate favorite is Mr. Widemouth.
  6. bondedwiththesea answered: Idk my favorites, but I LOVE scary stories! My uncle used to tell us the BEST scary stories when I was little. They’re childish now but still
  7. forgivablefoundations answered: That one I think it was called Red, made me jump. You posted it a while back.
  8. theworldneedsonlyonebigboss said: Oh Christ, I remember the Tulpa!
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