I’m literally sobbing in frustration over this right now.

How can anyone think that violently capturing an intelligent being, tearing them apart from their family, importing them across the globe then chucking them in a concrete tank is ‘the right thing to do’? They damn well KNOW it is not the right thing to do, or else they wouldn’t feel the need to state that 100 times. Not only that, but if they truly loved animals, they wouldn’t dream of doing anything that could hurt them.

How dare he say it won’t negatively impact them? Tell that to the mothers who will lose children. The ones who will lose siblings. This is animal cruelty at it’s absolute worst. Would this man feel okay if someone stole his family away and locked them up for ‘research’?

I’m someone who is very on the fence about animal captivity, but anyone who could support the capture of wild animals (particularly intelligent animals such as cetaceans) has to have been born without a god damn soul.

I’m broken right now.