Anonymous: -continue im really like not sure if my make up is vegan friendly or my shampoo or anything and where would i find vegan beauty products here and im really sad and i watched earthlings and im more upset and guilty and the doubt thoughts telling me im not good enough for veganisim cause i cant be faithful to every aspect of being vegan please help me

Hey gorgeous! Calm down, it’s okay. :) You’re going to be alright! May I suggest taking a look at the amazing veganmakeup's List of cruelty free cosmetics? It has EVERYTHING from shaving razors to shampoo to condoms! :)

Anonymous: The thing is, pretty much all forms of male oppression comes from oppression against women. For example, there is a higher suicide rate in men. This is because our society makes men believe they can't talk to anyone about what's happening since showing emotions is "girly", and girly means weak. A girl can't have too much sex because then she's a slut, but men should separate themseles from women - they should enjoy sex, not be prude, "like a girl", which is why rape on men isn't taken seriously.

While I do not think tumblr always finds the best way to fight sexism, some jokes about men or saying men are dicks is not a big deal compared to what women have ALWAYS experienced. You can’t even compare it with the constant jokes about belonging in the kitchen, sucking at driving, pms etc etc we hear every day. If a minority of women say men are dicks/dusgusting/whatever, it does not make them less oppressed.

Thank you for your input! I guess it’s tough for me because one of my best friends is male and seeing the shit he has to endure on by tumblr’s feminists really upsets me. I appreciate the movement for gender equality and I am 200% ALL for it, but when I see all these ‘all men are scum’ or ‘all men are rapists’ posts, I just can’t take this movement seriously. I hope people can understand and I’m sorry to the 13 people who couldn’t, who decided to unfollow me.

Anonymous: How do you feel about allies being included in the LGBTQ+ acronym? Do you feel that allies should be praised as such for supporting equal rights in terms of gender/sexual orientation? You've said you're anti-pride (sorry, you're going to get shit for that now too), so I wanted to know your thoughts on allies.

I didn’t realise it stands for allies, I thought it stood for asexual? Is this a common misconception? Am I being silly? I can’t believe I’m a lesbian who doesn’t know this haha! Well, regardless, I think it’s a bit weird having straight people as part of the LGBT community but it’s beautiful that we’re supported. I’m not heterophobic, I can appreciate the support. :) *Is scared about getting shit* Lmao.